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Our History

The company was founded in 1965 with the name of Pulimetal to carry out the polishing of mechanical parts of household electrical equipments.
In 1967 it takes the name of Inoxtecnica S.n.c. and it begins the production of rings for pots and other mechanical parts for washing machines.
In 1973 the company moves in the new buildings, purposely constructed, in the suburbs of Abbiategrasso.
In 1988 the company is acquired from E.G.O. ITALIANA S.p.A. and it takes the name of NUOVA INOXTECNICA S.r.l.
In 1998 the company is acquired from the family Fusi and C.
The total area of the property is 12.419 m2, divided in 8.909 m2 of industrial area and 3.510 m2 of agricultural land.
The total covered area is 2.500 m2 of which 2.000 for the production area. This area has a height of 5.5 m so that the volume of the production area is 10.000 m3.
The company’s manpower is composed of 18 persons.

Our Production

The currently production of NUOVA INOXTECNICA is:

  • Processing of stainless steel mechanical parts

  • Pressing, drawing, punching, bending, welding, etc. of stainless steel and/or iron (even treated) semi-finished products with some automatic, numerical controlled machines

  • Planning and production of different steam generators which are used as components in domestic and professional equipments (for example in shower boxes with sauna, in autoclaves for disinfection and sterilization of instruments and equipments in hospitals and laboratories, in food baking in steam ovens, etc.)

  • Planning and production of food warm-keeping and cooking equipments as for example hot plates in steel or glass, cooktops of glass-ceramic or steel, professional electrical cookers of glass-ceramic or cast iron, grill plates, toasters, professional crepe-cooker, pasta-cookers, deep fryers, bratt pans, etc

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