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Simple manufacturing, versatility, effective energy saving and high performance are the main features of the new steam generators by  Nuova Inoxtecnica


The steam generators, we propose our customers for steam generation, have a boiler in stainless steel AISI 304 and they are easy adjustable, safe, protected against overtemperatures and, furthermore, they offer the following advantages:

  • Our steam generators are arranged for a cleaning with decalcifying agent. Anyway, it is recommended to install a water softener upstream.

  • Easy inspection and inside cleaning. It is possible to inspect and clean the steam generator inside as the heating element is assembled on the boiler outside.

  • Automatic water level control. It is obtained with the thermal effect by assembling a simple electromechanical thermostat or an electronic conductive level probe to be paired with an electronic level regulator.

  • Control of the thermal exchange efficiency. From the outside it is possible to check - with an electromechanical or electronic warning - the thermal exchange efficiency of the heating element in order to understand if the amount of calcareous deposit on the boiler inside wall has become excessive, and if a mechanic or chemical action is - manually or automatically - necessary for its removal.

  • Protection against water corrosion. The heating element is never at direct contact with water as it is brazed outside on the steam generator. Brazing is carried out at a temperature between 1050 °C and 1100 °C in a controlled atmosphere. At this temperature the steam generator - because of high solubility of some elements inside the stainless steel and its quick cooling - is protected against water corrosion.

  • Flexibility and use versatility.

  • Reduced energy consumption and high performance. The use of thermal energy at not very high temperatures and the small sizes allow to reach the operating temperature in a very short time and with low residual heat at the end of each thermal cycle.

  • Standards fulfillment. Our steam generators are certified  IMQ e CSA C/US and they fulfill the following
    EN 60335

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