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Special Radiating Profiled
"S.R.P." Heating Elements

Max. temperature adjusted with a thermostat: 300 °C
Electric load: max. 7 W/cm
We can manufacture them only using straight tubes, with a max. length of 900 mm, power and voltage on customer's request (max. 7 W/cm)

Connection with:
- Faston 6,3x0,8 mm
- screw clamps
- wire connections with length on customer's request (electrically spot-welded)

Assembly: horizontal with the profile open side towards the surface to heat





















The S.R.P. heating element is composed of a shaped sheet iron tube. It has a very strong structure.
Inside the shape there is a coil heating element, which is insulated with ceramic fibres.

The S.R.P. heating element is used:
- for equipment of aluminium, steel, ceramic glass, tempered glass, etc. for food warm-keeping
- for grill plates
- for bain-marie with indirect heating
- for cooking convection ovens
- for heating cabinets
- for room heating
- for different uses with differentiated thermal distribution, suitably developed and customized

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